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  1. Scott Beavers

    I’ve loaded this article repeatedly and most of it does not show. I get large blank white areas and other areas covered by light blue or grey blocks. Different text shows with different attempts. Scrolling off page and back trying to force a refresh makes no change. I have seen text load (like the first question and following paragraph) only to be covered by a blue block in the next second. My browser if Firefox.

  2. Paul Schiller

    Hi James,

    Such a good article !

    I never bought into the “share Buyback” hysteria …especially as though it was some kind of abnormal or illegitimate market phenomena (like the FED is blowing a bubble with cheap rates).

    My thinking automatically reverts to the topic of corporate finance. Is it not a fundamental action that corporations will adjust their financing based on the totality of their perceived market conditions ? Of course ! They will select the structure of their financing to the benefit of the corporation….at least they should. There are two fundamental options for financing: debt or equity. It has always been the adjustment of these components to optimize performance that has been a foundation of corporate finance.

    So… are the naysayers of share buyback plans somehow saying they want to regulate or prevent a most fundamental free market right from occurring, or that it is somehow illegitimate ?? Ridiculous ! I see it as an irrelevant discussion prompted by those who don’t understand the free market and democratic capitalism.

    Anyway …glad you also softened their argument !
    Hope you have a blessed Christmas Season