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  1. Scott Beavers

    Page 4 appears in my browser (Firefox) as nothing but a series of black and blue horizontal lines of varying thicknesses running across the full width of the page with the words “not particularly likely to” showing in the bottom right corner.

    Since the attractively simple EPS Recession indicator is not reliable, how may business cycle downturns readily predicted?

    1. webmaster

      Hi Scott, thank you for your feedback, please let me know your firefox version number. I tried with Firefox and it looks fine here. Try refreshing the page too. Also, you can download the document from the top navigation bar (clicking the down arrow).

  2. Scott Beavers

    FYI: “Besides the lines mentioned previously, page 4 does show this heading in bold in the left hand column: ”
    The probability of a
    business cycle
    recession in the US in
    2015 is quite low.”

  3. Arnoldo R Cruz

    This is quite an interesting and useful analysis. I have been worried about the current volatile market and the continued, in my view, unjustified higher and higher valuations. Your work helps me improve my short term portfolio strategy.

    Thank you, Mr. Kostohryz